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EU-Ukraine cooperation. Portfolio review

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Event time: 09.02.2017 00:00

First time MEDT and Delegation of ЄС conducted a revision to the brief-case of projects and programs ЄС in Ukraine with participation of ambassador of ЄС in Ukraine Hugo Mingarelli, chairman of Group of Support to Ukraine of Piter Wagner, first Minister Deputy of economic development and trade Maksym Nefyodov, deputies of ministers and representatives of profile ministries, leaders of projects.

Revisions of brief-cases of projects of donors in Ukraine are the effective mechanism of estimation of effectiveness of donor help and conducted in accordance with principles of responsibility, accountability and transparency of countries-donors and countries-partners certain in Parisian declaration in relation to the increase of efficiency of external help. MEDT already has positive examples of realization of such revisions with Government of German, Sweden, and also with international financial organizations. A revision was sanctified to the discussion of results of the reforms and plans conducted by Government them further implementation, and also instruments of help of ЄС, that given for support of introduction of such reforms.