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Contract number: 3582-01 2017-03-15

EU Anti-Corruption Initiative in Ukraine

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Corruption remains endemic in Ukraine and is an impediment for democratic development in the country, which is one of the major objectives of Danish Neighbourhood strategy. Thus, anticorruption in Ukraine is a high political priority for Denmark, and the rest of the EU, and supporting efforts to combat corruption is a foundation for other ongoing Danish and EU support to the country. By combatting corruption Denmark and EU will contribute to the future economic growth and trade between Ukraine, Denmark and the rest of the EU. To support anti-corruption efforts EU have allocated EUR 15 million to this cause. Based on the substantial experience Denmark has with governance and civil society in Ukraine and solid experience with the implementation of large programmes in this field, the EU has decided to award the implementation of the EUR 15 million "EU Anti-Corruption Initiative in Ukraine" 2017-2019 to Denmark using the indirect implementation modality. Denmark has allocated DKK 10 million (app. EUR 1.34m) to the programme. 1 Implementation of the programme is an opportunity for Denmark to significantly enhance its engagement in support of the Ukrainian reform agenda, to promote a platform for donor coordination and to increase the visibility of EU and Danish support in line with the Danish foreign minister's Ukraine initiative at the EU Foreign Affairs Council in January 2016.

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