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The UK Government is working with the Government of Ukraine to support implementation of the governance and economic reform programme attached to the IMF package of support (£10m) and the international humanitarian system to respond to urgent needs in eastern Ukraine (£15m). Results so far include:  A road map for the establishment of the anti- corruption bureau.  The reform of state owned enterprises to improve transparency and efficiency of the sector  The internal reorganisation and improvement of investigation processes in the Prosecutor General's Office.  Improving the investment climate through the reduction of State oversight functions and the number of State oversight bodies  Establishing a Business Ombudsman to investigate corruption or maladministration and bring this to the attention of Parliament and the President.  Humanitarian assistance targeted to reach vulnerable 600,000 people affected by the Russian annexation of Crimea and conflict in the east of the country, including specifically women and girls.

As part of the UK Government's programme to stabilise the economy and build a more accountable and transparent government, support is being provided in the following specific areas:  A flexible technical assistance programme, which the Government of Ukraine, civil society and key international financial institutions can use to expedite key reforms to help stabilise the economy, strengthen government and tackle corruption, by rapidly mobilising economic and governance technical expertise Summary of DFID's work in Ukraine 2014-2016 June 2015 Officials from the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine discuss tax and customs policy with UK experts from HMRC  A partnership with the World Bank which provides assistance on a wide range of reforms including tackling corruption, improving tax administration and supporting transparency in the infrastructure sector.  A partnership with the German Government which is providing support to the Ukraine Ministry of Finance to help improve its management of public finances and reduce opportunities for corruption and waste.  A partnership with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to establish an independent Business Ombudsman to focus on the anti-corruption agenda.  Helping to improve donor coordination by funding a secondment to the EU delegation. On 23 February 2015 the UK announced £15m humanitarian support to Ukraine for the financial year 2015/2016. This support will provide emergency lifesaving support and protection activities for over 600,000 people, including £0.5 million funding specifically for women and girls. Expected results include:  300,000 people to benefit from medical/health consultations through the World Health Organisation (WHO);  200,000 people benefit from medical supplies through WHO.  25,400 targeted households receive multi-purpose cash grants for essential needs - empowering families to prioritise their own needs such as shelter repair, food or clothing - through an NGO Consortium led by the Danish Refugee Council.  25,000 vulnerable people receive different forms of shelter support, as well as warm clothing, through the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).  10,000 people provided with legal assistance through UNHCR. How we work The Ukraine programme is providing reform and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine to support economic development and stability. We have identified partners with successful track records in delivering effective assistance to the Government of Ukraine and vulnerable communities. Flexibility to respond to emerging needs will be critical for success. Ultimately, value for money (VFM) depends on whether the prospects for genuine and sustainable economic and governance reform improve, through the Government of Ukraine meeting the conditions for IMF and other macroeconomic support programmes, as a result of our assistance. VFM for our humanitarian programme will depend on how well we achieve our targeted impact of saving lives, alleviating suffering and protecting dignity.


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