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Агентство розвитку Австрії (АРА)
Austrian development
Юридична адреса:
Посольство Австрійської Республіки, вулиця Івана Франка, 33, Київ, 01901
Тел: (+380) 44 277 27 90


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Пріоритетні сектори діяльності:

Austrian Development Agency (ADA) maintains 13 field offices and has supported about 3,500 projects worth EUR 1 billion in the last ten years.

The share of Austria's official development assistance payments (ODA) has continued to rise since 2011 and amounted to EUR 1,193 million in 2015, equivalent to 0,35 per cent of gross national income (GNI).

The increase of this year's ODA-quota is partly due to higher expenditures for the sustenance of refugees in Austria. These in-donor refugee costs have been calculated according to OECD-DAC reporting directives which apply to all member countries of the (OECD). Even when not taking into account in-donor refugee costs and debt reduction, Austria's official development assistance figures show a slight increase of the expenditures in comparison with the previous year.

Austria was one of the first countries to report on official development assistance figures for 2015 in summer 2016.

The publication of the official figures of ODA 2015 for all reporting donor countries by the OECD is expected for late autumn 2016.


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