Open Aid Ukraine

Міністерство економічного розвитку і торгівлі України
Офіційний портал координації міжнародної допомоги України
Портал працює у тестовому режимі

EU assistance to Ukraine

The ECA's special reports set out the results of its performance and compliance audits of specific budgetary areas or management topics. The ECA selects and designs these audit tasks to be of maximum impact by considering the risks to performance or compliance, the level of income or spending involved, forthcoming developments and political and public interest. This performance audit was produced by Chamber III – headed by ECA Member Karel Pinxten - which specialises in external action, security and justice spending areas. The audit was led by ECA Member Szabolcs Fazakas, supported by Márton Baranyi, Attaché of his private office; Beatrix Lesiewicz, Principal Manager, and Francis Joret, Principal Manager ad interim; Christian Geoffroy, Head of Task; Alina Milasiute and Balazs Kaszap, Auditors.